The "Missing Piece" To Your
Executive Team "Puzzle"
The extensive services offered by CFO Consulting will allow your Executive Team to focus on the "Non-Financial" aspects of your business.   This means that you will have the time to exchange ideas and formulate marketing plans, and develop new products that will ultimately grow your company and lead to your organization's success.

CFO Consulting will focus on the financial aspect of your business. Whether your needs lie in oversight of accounting functions (payroll, accounts receivable, risk management,  financial reporting), or improved budgeting and planning, or raising capital, equity or debt, or assistance with a potential Acquisition or Merger, our CFO Consultant will be there to lead.

As we provide our services, feedback will be given on a timely basis and assistance will be provided to you in your decision making, according to your specific needs.

We price our services in a variety of ways tailored to your requirements.  We can bill hourly for our services or in an effort to save you money, work under a retainer plan that allows for a reduction to the hourly rate based on a quantity of hours and time commitment.  For many engagements we can bill under a fixed monthly fee.