The "Missing Piece" To Your
Executive Team "Puzzle"
John Morey brings over 30 years of Public Accounting and Private Business experience, working primarily with computer software and processing companies, IT consulting concerns, as well as specialty retailers.  John has experience with both private and publicly traded companies that had international operations.  He has had involvement in private fund raising, and has led numerous acquisitions, both as a buyer and seller.

As a CFO, John oversaw the raising of millions of dollars in private equity and the sale of companies.  His companies made numerous acquisitions under his watch, including leverage management buyouts.  John was instrumental in the assimilation of those acquisitions after the deals were complete.  He successfully tapped into various states for economic development grants and has experience working with commercial bankers.  After selling companies to publicly traded entities, John was asked to stay on and gained valuable experience working in international companies.  John is also experienced in crafting employee equity plans.

All consultants used on CFO Consulting engagements will have experience that best fits the client's needs.  In most cases. this will be a seasoned mix of CPA firm and CFO experience.

The firm will also call upon the skill set of Preferred Partners when warranted.  The Preferred Partner Program consists of companies that are exceptional in their field and will be suggested to the clients and brought into engagement only with the clients consent.